School Visits and Appearances

Services Offered

The Visit

My presentation lasts 20-30 minutes for kindergartners and first graders, 30-45 minutes for grades second through fifth. During my power point presentation, I discuss how I became a writer, the joy of reading and what motivated me to create the Putt Girl book series. I will read a few chapters from my book, discuss how to draw from life experience to create a story that is fun and engaging. I will stress the tools of good writing such as descriptive detail, action words and when to use illustrations. The children will also learn the basics of putting and will have an opportunity to practice what they have learned. I allow time at the end of each presentation for Q & A.

Number of presentations

I prefer to do no more than three presentations per day.

During the visit

I am happy to eat lunch with students and teachers to continue our conversations. In this setting I find students to be more relaxed and they ask more questions.

After the visit

I enjoy feedback. I love receiving letters from the students and teachers. Class letters are the best. Due to my schedule I find it difficult to respond to each individual letter from students but I will respond to a classroom and/or school.

Skype visits

30-40 minute Skype visits with a classroom are available. Please contact me at the email listed below for rates and availability.

Writing Workshops

Writing workshops are fun and a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Rates and Availability

My full date rate for three to four sessions is negotiable. Half days are available as well, please contact me at

Ms. Saunders,

Thank you so very much for coming to our school. Your presentation was excellent. My students were captivated with your inspiring story. They seemed to be able to relate with you and your family. Your using golf as a kind of sports that many could play, seemed to help my students understand that there are other types of sports, besides football and soccer, that are fun! Thank you!

Thank you for encouraging our students to read, write, and learn more about words.

Sandra M. Thompson

Fourth Grade Teacher, Ebinport Elementary

Ms. Deborah Cousar-Saunders is a local author who has spoken to all of our fourth grade classes.

Thank you for visiting Ebinport, Ms. Cousar-Saunders, and inspiring our students to write!

Alicia Rutledge

Librarian, Ebinport Elementary School

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