Golf Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the game of golf:

  • Originally golf balls were stuffed with feathers.
  • About 25% of golfers are women.
  • The youngest player to score a hole-in-one was Jake Paine in 2001; he was 3 and aced a 65-yard hole in Lake, Forest California

About the Author

Deborah Cousar-Saunders, the original Putt Girl on a mission to bring golf and the love of the game to children.   You might say that “Putt Girl” is MY story. I always wanted to play golf.  I competed in hundreds of tournaments, was a member of the Junior Professional Golf Association.

Meet a Putt Girl

Hello, my name is Paige and I’m a Putt Girl.  I am eight years old and I love my Mommy, Daddy and even my big brother Benji.  I love to read.  I especially love reading the dictionary and I try to use the word I learned in sentences throughout the day

Putt Girl Best Day Yet

Meet 8 year old Paige and her family in this very engaging and wonderfully illustrated book.  On Monday Paige and her class are given an assignment to write about their favorite day of the week

Putt Girl Summer Golf Clinic

Clinic held on Saturdays from June 18th - August 20th
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This creatively written book shares “putt girl” Paige’s ‘Best Day Yet’, and gets everyone she surrounds involved with the trickery of her exploits.

African American Golfers Digest

5 Stars
A wonderful story
This book is inspiring in different ways. One, it’s great for little girls, of all ages and cultures. Paige is African American, and where she loves learning, she finds something that really peeks her interest, golf. Her words speak to her personality as she shares her journey into the world of golf, and learns new things about herself along the way.

Amy Shannon

Writer, Reader, Reviewer, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

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