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Meet the Original Putt Girl

Hello, my name is Paige and I’m a Putt Girl.  I am eight years old and I love my mommy, daddy and even my big brother Benji.  I love to read.  I especially love reading the dictionary and I try to use the word I learned in sentences throughout the day.

Writing is something else I enjoy as much as reading. I love writing stories about my life and the people I know.  Mommy said I will be a famous writer one day because I have a very vivid imagination.

Vivid – full of life, intense, animated. 

Paige has a vivid imagination.

I bet you are wondering what is a Putt Girl?  A  Putt Girl loves golf.  A Putt Girl is smart, adventurous, funny, fearless and creative.  A Putt Girl is Me!  I know loads of Putt Girls and I bet you are one too.  I started a blog called Putt Girl Talk.  Through my blog I’m able to talk with girls in the United States, Australia, Africa, Italy, India, China, Japan, France, England and places I never knew existed.  We talk about all things golf.  Like for instance, if we are having trouble with putting we talk about that.  We talk about how to chip and loads of other stuff about golf.  Mommy says it’s really cool that I started the blog because it’s a good way to help each other with our golf games.  Oh yeah, mommy says I’m an International Blogger.  I like that!  Paige an IB (International Blogger).  BTW (by the way), I also love using acronyms.

Acronym – The first initials of words used in a phrase or a series of words. 

Best Day Yet – BDY

I have loads of stories I can’t wait to share with you.  Stories about my mom, dad and Benji.  Stories about Maggie and Liesel (my best friends) and stories about me and the other Putt Girls.  I like people and getting to know them.  I think everyone is very different in a good way.  Imagine if we were all the same, how boring would that be?  Very!!

Well, I better go.  It is 80 degrees, the sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky.  Daddy says it’s a perfect day to play a round of golf. TTYL (talk to you later) and hope to see you on the course!

little-heart-th Paige

The Putt Girl Book series will be an inspiration to young girls and boys who are interested in the game of golf.